Legend of Fantasy War is the product of the combination of top-tier traditional game developers and a leading blockchain team that has intensive experience in this industry. This project will not only create a game, it is creating legends.

The biggest part of the game is building the visual, motion, and landscape system in the game. It is necessary that the image must be splendid, the characters must show sharpness, and the 3D graphics bring a realistic feeling. The second big part is the focus on activities and quests for the character system, ensuring the stability and the scalability of multiplayer.

The client, developed in unity 3D. Create and iterate in real-time to achieve quality results and faster. Bring the Legend of Fantasy War game to life with Unity’s comprehensive suite of creative and collaborative tools for artists, programmers, and everyone in between. With Unity Pro, unleash game creative vision and bring LFW game to life with tools and support designed to help our team achieve success at every stage of the game creation cycle.

Third-party development

We share our passion for blockchain game development with all the developers around the world. We always welcome developers to work together to elevate blockchain games.

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