Legend of Fantasy War

Official whitepaper of Legend of Fantasy War

Legend of Fantasy War does not aim to become just a game. We are building an entire universe with its own economic system, where users play not only for fun but also to earn token incentives for their efforts.

Legend of Fantasy War is a unique 3D turn-based role-playing online video blockchain game. By blockchainizing in-game items, the game provides players ownership of in-game items by owning so-called Non-Fungible Token (NFT). With an engaging storyline, players can both entertain themselves and collect valuable items, even increase the value of items while playing games solo or with others. Thanks to the blockchain of items, owners of NFTs can sell, exchange, and auction transparently on the Legend of Fantasy War NFT marketplace. One of the strengths of the game is the nature of the community. Thus, the game offers a fantastic mechanism that the player and their friends can enjoy the rewards together forever. In short, the game is easy to play and collect valuable items.

Diving into the world of Legend of Fantasy War, players will lead a group of young warriors of different sects, clans and martial arts to uncover the mystery of the dark, fight the darkness and help the people. With a rich characters customization with the Elemental System of Metal - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth, players can create the strongest and the most unique lineup ever. To add to the fun, the game is not at all limited by the space and time of the base story. As you progress through the main plot, you will uncover events that will surely live up to its name of “Legend of Fantasy War”.

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