Base Storyline

The Amazing Fantasy World

It was the spring of 1139 (?). Martial Arts Masters from throughout the nation had gathered at the annual Martial Arts tournament in [that town]. Everyone was beyond excited to uphold the spirit of martial arts and to celebrate the first year of peace after the war.

That year, peach blossoms bloomed all over the land. The most aspiring warriors were sent there to compete with each other, promising breathtaking duels for the audience.

Before the tournament, young disciples of different schools, sects, and clans were talking, making friends, having fun together, like there never was a war. Unfortunately, it was their last moment of happiness.

On the first day of the tournament, unknown warriors interrupted and attacked everyone. They were ruthless and merciless. No one knew who they worked for but they were not amateurs.

My eldest brother was murdered in an instant, my second brother tried to interfere without success and fell right after, my third and fourth brother sacrificed themselves to open an escape route and my fifth brother died keeping the enemies away from us young disciples, who were trying to escape the town.

The color of New Year’s peach blossoms was replaced by the color of blood.

I still remember the last words of my fourth brother. He made me promise to him that I would live, that I would return to school safely and I would avenge everyone. We ran and ran, in fear and in helplessness. It was our only chance at survival.

We were tired but there was no time to rest. What must we do next? It was too much for us. We were too young. Where to go? What to do? And... who I am???

It was... a dream, or not? The moment I opened my eyes, I was someone who called [Hero] who just escaped death from merciless massacre with few more people.


Adding up to the fun, the game is not limited by the space and time of the base storyline. As you progress through the main plot, you will uncover unimaginable events that will be sure to live up to its name of “Legend of Fantasy War”.

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