Project's Mission & Vision


Legend of Fantasy War was born with an important mission in the development of the blockchain game industry. By integrating blockchain into an attractive and engaging game. This promises great experiences and an opportunity to earn valuable tokens and NFTs. Instead of spending a lot of money to play the game, Legend of Fantasy War will provide millions of people around the world with a whole new experience in which they will make a profit from playing games and holding LFW tokens.


  • The blockchain of valuable in-game items is the future

  • Players own the real value of in-game items, they deserve a transparent trading environment

  • Players will decide the value of the NFT items they own

  • Through playing games, players can create surplus value (play-to-earn), not just for fun.

  • The economic model in the game and real-world must be related to each other. Users will decide the value, this is the core of play-to-earn. It protects the interests of investors/users/players/supporters.

High-value reward

  • Competing in PvE according to the storyline to collects in-game items/tokens

  • Completing side missions to collects in-game items/tokens

  • Competing in PVP battles (Solo) to win leaderboard prizes

  • Competing in PVP battles (Clans) to share the rewards

  • Competing in PVP battles (Clans) to share the rewards

  • Farming valuable items and token that need to train characters

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