Defi Space

Our strategic vision within Legend of Fantasy War is to distribute token incentives for the most loyal and motivated players in our ecosystem. We have created a specialized Marketplace, where players can buy and trade necessary equipment. In addition, NFT characters can be traded between players. In the future, Marketplace will support auctioning, character rental, etc.


In-game NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell, exchange NFT Characters and items, and also convert LFW Token into the game.

Stake LFW token to earn and upgrade character level

Users can stake LFW tokens to train in-game characters (i.e. upgrade in-game status and levels). Depending on the staking period and number of staked LFW tokens, users can upgrade and train their characters according to the corresponding level.

The ecosystem also allocates a fair amount of LFW tokens as rewards for users to play and participate in activities. This will incentivize the token holders during the early stage of the game development while some significant game features will still be under development.

NFT staking

Legend of Fantasy War NFT staking portal is where you can go to stake gems within in-game NFT Characters to enhance their functionality and value. The staking portal uses LFW’s existing NFT infrastructure to display all your NFTs which are eligible for staking. The staking contract supports all BEP-721 NFTs. By using LFW’s staking portal to stake "Gems" within NFTs those NFTs become instantly liquid. You can withdraw Gems and rewards at any time using the staking portal. Now, low-value NFTs can become valuable and valuable NFTs can become even more valuable due to the Gems locked inside.

NFT Renting

NFT characters can be rented to other players. The smart contract will make sure that the borrower cannot resell or destroy the objects and makes sure that objects return to the owner when the rent period comes to end.

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